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Central Heating


Central Heating Installations & Repairs

Central Heating Installation

Installation offers:

  • A free no obligation quote
  • Testing to determine the size of the radiators needed to heat your home
  • Installation carried out by a fully qualified and registered Gas Safe engineer
  • A rated energy efficient boiler
  • Installation at a time that is convenient to you
  • Central heating systems that are in line with regulations

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Central Heating Installation

We often take our central heating system for granted, so if a whole new heating system is required in your home it can be very daunting. We understand that you will have questions and concerns and our engineers are here to guide you through the whole process with the least amount of stress and disturbance to your home.

There are various reasons why you might need a new central heating system installed, you may have bought an old property without central heating and require heating as part of the restoration of the property, you may be adding an extension to your property or building an entirely new property. Whatever your reason, there is no need to worry because Greenfield Services Southern Ltd have the expertise and experience to install your central heating, ensuring your home keeps you warm all winter.

We will tailor-make the most suitable and cost effective heating system for you, keeping in mind not only the initial installation cost, but also how energy efficient we can make your home for the future.

Our full central heating installation includes:

  • A free quotation with no obligation
  • Assessment and testing of your property, to determine how many radiators are required and what sizes are needed to heat your home sufficiently
  • GAS Safe registered, fully qualified engineers to carry out the central heating installation
  • A rated energy efficient boiler
  • Compliance with building regulations

We can install your new central heating system at a time that is convenient to you, within your budget. Visit Greenfield Services Solutions Ltd at our showroom in Worthing or call us on 01903 250 400 to discuss how we can heat your home most efficiently.

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