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Ceramic BBQs in Brighton


For Ceramic Barbecues & Grills in Brighton, come to Greenfield Services.

A ceramic barbecue is not like normal barbecues; it would probably be more accurate to call it an outdoor cooker. Ceramic bbqs can be used to grill, smoke, sear, roast or bake food. There is a wide range of different ceramic barbecues on display in our showroom; do feel free to pop in and browse at your leisure.

Traditional barbecues can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to cooking. We’ve all had a bbq disaster where the sausages were burnt on the outside but pink in the middle! A normal barbecue can take a long time to hit the right temperature and even then it’s difficult to tell whether it’s too hot to cook food properly. A ceramic bbq works more like an oven and its temperature can be much more predictable and manageable.

A ceramic barbecue can be ready to cook within a few minutes and you can easily control the temperature using vents which can then be closed once you are finished cooking. This puts the fire out, meaning any unused fuel is kept for next time – much more economical than a traditional bbq!

You don’t need to wait for hot weather to use a ceramic barbecue; it can be used all year round and many of our customers find that they end up using ceramic bbq more than the oven inside the house!

When we use a traditional barbecue the clean-up operation can be a real nightmare; this can almost make it feel like it’s not worth lighting the bbq in the first place. A ceramic barbecue is different though; the ceramic actually acts in the same way as a self-cleaning oven so that it is very easy to keep clean.

If you have been thinking about a ceramic bbq in Brighton why not visit our showroom to take a look at the different styles available.

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Greenfield Services is a primary dealer of Ceramic Barbecues in Brighton. We have a large display of grills, charcoal and accessories in our Worthing showroom.

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