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Fires & Fireplaces

Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your home


  • Gas, electric, solid fuel fires and stoves
  • Inset and outset gas, electric and solid fuel fires and stoves
  • Limestone, English stone, marble, timber and granite surrounds
  • Traditional and contemporary styles available

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To keep your house warm, fireplaces can provide a cost-effective and attractive addition to central heating in your home. They add a warm and aesthetically pleasing touch to almost any room. If you already have an efficient central heating system, one of our high efficiency fires can provide heat to the rooms you use the most. Simply turn the radiator valves down and use the fire to add warmth and ambience to your home.

Because fires are such a popular method for heating rooms, Greenfield Services has a showroom in Worthing packed with over 70 gas, electric and solid fuel fires and stoves and over 30 fireplaces. From gas fires and stoves to electric and solid fuel fires and stoves, we are bound to have what you need. You can also choose fireplaces built from a wide range of different materials, including marble fireplaces, limestone fireplaces, stone fireplaces, travertine and timber surrounds.

Fireplaces have long been the hub of the home, drawing in family and friends with warmth and light. Still a popular feature today, they can add a focal point to an otherwise featureless area. They have the ability to bring character and structure to simple layouts, and can lift the attention away from technology products. Some might consider them a bit traditional but in reality there is huge scope for fireplaces in any home, whatever the property age. Our huge range of designs caters to all tastes, with a size and look to fit with any surroundings.

Many of the original functions of this heating method have been maintained, such as bringing people together and warming the living space. In older houses you may already have an inlaid stone hearth, which can add an interesting element next to the surround itself. Some discover wooden lintel bars when excavating an old building, and these can be tastefully restored to complement a new and practical fire installation. Harking back to olden times is part of the charm and a key reason many home-owners decide to go for an open fire in their homes.

In modern times the technology used has advanced a great deal, meaning that there is no longer the worry of smoke-filled rooms and dusty furniture. Gas fires leave no residue and are a highly efficient and clean way of heating your home. The beauty of our fireplaces is that they can be combined with the heating method of your choice, so that you can have style and practicality in one. Electric fires have seen a rise in popularity over the last decade, with a satisfying warm glow that creates a cosy atmosphere with no cleaning up required. That said, for some you just can’t beat the nostalgic aroma of firewood and the inviting crackling sounds that we all love in a real log fire. For those in this category, we can supply and fit a great range of metal, masonry, modern or rustic versions to meet your needs. From a roaring, wide grate to a slim, sleek piece we appreciate that everyone’s tastes are different.

Our experienced team in Worthing can help you to choose the type best suited to your situation. Discuss your space, flue and chimney with us to get the best result that you’ll be really pleased with. It needn’t feel like a difficult choice with so many aesthetically pleasing finishes available and we can narrow down the selection as you make key decisions on what you’d like. You might like to think about the surrounding space, if you’re working with a particular colour or reflecting light from an opposing window. You might like a mantelpiece for an interesting chimney breast, or enough space above to hang a mirror or picture frame.

Adding a simple flame to a room can have a big impact, maybe even adding value to your home. For cool summer nights and keeping warm in deep winter there is no greater luxury, especially when you know it’s also a cost-effective and efficient investment. We have numerous happy customers around the West Sussex area who have come to us for help to choose their fireplaces.


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