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Home fuels 

We don’t just sell fires, we sell home fuels, superior firewood, BBQ charcoals and cooking woods!

We are stockists of Green Olive Firewood, a company based in West Sussex at Ridge Farm which responsibly source all their fuels from woodlands with management programmes for planting and renewing. The fuels are mostly Eco-friendly and provide a range of products which are great value for money. This blog shows all the Home Fuels we stock in our showroom.


Green Olive firewood

Types of Olive Green Firewood

 Kiln Dried Hardwood: £7.00 (approx 10kg)

  • Responsibly sourced from managed woodlands
  • Hand Cut- Kiln Dried in their West Sussex Kiln
  • Best Burning Results due to their moisture content below 20%
  • BSL accredited

Seasoned Hardwood: £6.00 (approx 10kg)

  • Responsibly sourced from managed woodlands
  • Quality hand-cut & air dired for 8+ months
  • Moisture Controlled


Green Olive Kinding

Green Olive Kinding


Kindling wood sticks: £5.00 (3kg)

  • Responsibly sourced soft woods from FSC approved woodlands
  • Moisture content less than 15%
  • Gets the fire glowing









Fire Builder: £7.00

  • All in One Firelighter, a fast, efficient way to light your indoor fire, chiminea, firepit or BBQ!
  • Simple to use, requires no kindling
  • Each box contains 5 packs that can be broken down, proving up to 10 burns
  • Made from 100% recycled cardboard therefore no chemicals, no mess and completely odourless.
  • Produces a fuller fire and achieves a faster heat production than comparable products






Firemizer- solid fuel saving device


Firemizer: £20.00

  • Unique solid fuel saving device which have been scientifically proven to reduce the burn rate of your fuel
  • Composed of a special blend of stainless steel alloys that are patented and welded together creating a flexible grid which is placed on the base of your stove or hearth
  • Reduces fuel usage by up to 38%
  • Minimises creosote build up in chimneys, tests show up to 57% reduction in creosote hydrocarbons.
  • Typically has up to 500 burning hours
  • As fuel is burnt more thoroughly, there will be a considerable reduction in the amount of ash.
  • Ideal for multi-fuel stoves as they make an easy transition between fuels.



All of these products are stocked and ready for you to take away today! Pop in to our showroom to find out more…