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Kamado Joe Stand-Alone

With all the available sizes for the Kamado Joe, choosing the right one for you can be confusing but fear not! This blog will show you all the available sizes, detailed specifications and how much each Joe can fit!


 Providing a more expansive grilling setup… The Kamado Joe Stand-Alone!


Available in two sizes 18″ & 24″, this grill is ideal for individuals who want to use a Kamado Joe in their custom outdoor kitchen or paired with one of Kamado Joe’s signature grilling tables. The stand-Alone Kamado Joes offers the same thoughtful craftsmanship, and the newly improved features; the Kontrol Tower Top Vent, Air Lift Hinge and a stainless steel latch which provides an ultra air-tight seal provides exclusive innovations which improve the outdoor cooking experience.



Classic Stand-Alone 18″

Detailed Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 118cm W x 122cm H x 71cm DKJO_Classic_Stand-Alone_Hero
  • Cooking Surface: 46cm diameter / 645 sq. cm.
  • Grill Expander: 1031 sq. cm.
  • Two Sets of Grates: 1290 sq. cm.
  • Both Grates & Grills Expander: 1676 sq. cm.
  • Weight: 85 Kg.
  • Heat Range: 107°C – 400°C

Big Joe Stand-Alone 24″

Detailed Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 127cm W x 137cm H x 79cm D
  • Cooking Surface: 61cm diameter / 1148 sq. cm.joe in table
  •  Grill Expander: 1534 sq. cm.
  •  Two Sets of Grates: 2296 sq. cm.
  •  Both Grates & Grills Expander: 2682 sq. cm.
  • Weight: 113 Kg.
  • Heat Range: 107°C – 400°
Included with these Kamado Joe’s:
  • Premium 46cm or 61cm Ceramic Grill
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System
  • Kontrol Tower Top Vent
  • Air Lift Hinge
  • AMP Firebox
  • Wire Mesh Fibreglass Gasket
  • Patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer
  • Grill Gripper
  • Ash Tool
  • Stainless steel latch
The 18″ Ceramic Grill is suitable for fitting:
  • 10-12 fillets or chicken breasts
  • 12 burgers
  • multiple chickens vertically (roughly 5-6)
  • 7 racks of ribs vertically
  • 5-6 fish fillets

*These numbers are dependent if using the divide & conquer flexible cooking system

We currently have these Kamado Joes in stock and ready to take away today! Currently on sale but for a limited time only! 

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