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Kamado Joe

Greenfield Services is a primary dealer of Kamado Joe ceramic barbecues in the Sussex area, we have a large display of grills, charcoal and accessories in our Worthing showroom.

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Kamado Joe – Ceramic Barbecues

The Kamado is an Asian-style grill with ancient origins. It is a thick-walled cooker allowing your meats, fish and vegetables to be cooked with a distinctive, rich and smoky flavour. The original ancient design is flawless and has remained unchanged for centuries now. It allows air to flow through the ceramic body, up and out of vents in the dome; this means both the smoke and heat from the charcoal in the base are used to cook and flavour your food. You can buy your Kamado Joe from our showroom in Sussex.

Kamado Joe has built on the ancient tradition of smoking while cooking, updating and modernising the classic style of the grill. Kamado is well known for unparallelled craftsmanship in all areas; the Kamado Joe comes with a range of flexible cooking surfaces and innovative accessories, making it the best choice for your outdoor cooking needs.

Kamado Joe is the perfect grill for infusing flavour into your food. Your food will be infused with mouth-watering flavour guaranteed to make you want to cook more and more.

Kamado has a patented “divide & conquer” cooking system which means you get an expanded cooking space and can cook foods at different temperatures, at the same time. This is achieved using a flexible cooking system involving a multi-level, half-rack design so that you won’t need to use your indoor oven or grill alongside it to cook a full meal.

Every aspect of the Kamado Joe is designed for ease of use. It is easy to cook on as well as to clean and maintain. Nobody wants the clean-up operation to take twice as long as the cooking, and with Kamado Joe it needn’t. You’ll soon find that the crowd-pleasing meals you can cook on the Kamado Joe combined with its ease of use make you want to use it every day. We have numerous happy customers across Sussex who enjoy cooking regularly on their Kamado Joe barbecues.

We stock a wide range of barbecues at our showroom in Sussex; why not also check out The Big Green Egg!

Kamado Joe Ceramic BBQ Grill
Kamado Joe Ceramic BBQ Grill
Kamado Joe Ceramic BBQ Grill