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Stoves & Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your home


  • Gas, electric and solid fuel fires and stoves
  • Inset and outset gas, electric and solid fuel fires and stoves
  • Limestone, English stone, marble, timber and granite surrounds
  • Traditional and contemporary styles available

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For many, heating your home is more than just a practical consideration, with a wide variety of both effective and decorative stove options to choose from. A scandinavian-style wood burning stove, attractive gas stove version or cosy electric stove will all keep the cold at bay, each with it’s own advantages. Browsing our range of over 70 varieties begins with deciding the best type for you.

After really taking off a few years ago with numerous endorsements from eco-sensitive celebrities, the romance of a real wood fire is undeniable. The pleasant scent and crackling when using dry logs creates a wonderful ambience within a room and exudes a comforting heat. The familiar glow of orange sparks can become a focal point and give out a lovely low light. Easily manageable with kiln dried logs, kindling, Hotties or coal the fuel is readily available from Greenfield Services in Worthing. Given that the stoves use a renewable energy source they carry a green factor that most purchasers will be keen to consider. We can supply a range of designs across Sussex, from traditional to modern, working with your interior by offering a colour to match your personal palette.

Whether connecting to an existing supply, replacing an old fixture or just trying something new, a gas burner can quickly warm up a space. Unlike burning some other fuels, you can ensure maximum efficiency with no left over dirt or waste. For this reason they are considered a very clean, low-pollution solution and design teams have been quick to keep up with this trend. Whether being snugly positioned within an alcove or recess, or proudly displayed with a stunning surround, we can find a match you’ll love. A great benefit here is complete ease of use, operated as easily as the flick of a switch or the touch of a button. As well as gradually emitting a rounded heat, you can control a quick burst to get rid of sudden chills. You needn’t worry about cleaning ash from the grate or storing logs but our designs can still achieve that rustic charm.

Similarly easy to control are electric fire chambers, which also utilise simple controls to temper the flow of warmth to your living area. As you’ll see from our range, a great selection of charming styles are available and this comes alongside the bonus of very high efficiency. Those with busy family lives and pets might well appreciate the complete lack of odour these are known for, so they won’t disturb sensitive noses. Once again there is no residue to worry about and spending your time cleaning the fireplace can be a thing of the past. Choose a look and tone to suit your current furnishings and you can really create a homely feeling.

Along with friendly, personal advice, at Greenfield Services in Worthing we can suggest high quality surrounds from local stone, marble or limestone as your prefer. Timber and granite can also be installed for a solid, built to last finish that frame our reliable and stylish stoves. If you’re looking for stylish and effective heating solutions in Sussex, come to Greenfield Services.

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