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Wood Burning Stoves

We offer a full range of Wood Burning Stoves

Features in many of our wood burning stoves include:


  • Controllable vents or fans that allow you to regulate the amount of air in the stove in order to regulate the heat output
  • Air wash systems that help to keep the glass cleaner by drawing cool air through the system and over the glass.
  • A riddle plate, which allows you to break the ash off easier and will help you clean the stove.
  • A removable ash pan or one that swings out for easier cleaning.
  • Some wood burning stoves remain cool to touch
  • Some stoves are also approved by DEFRA for use in Smoke Control Areas so that you can still burn wood in the middle of a city!

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Wood burning stoves:


Wood Burning Stoves

Nothing turns a house into a home more that the warmth of a fire, a focal point for your living room that creates feelings of comfort and security. It welcomes people into your home with its warm glow and is practical and functional. Imagine on a cold dark night, sitting in front of a stunning wood burning stove, warming your hands and feet, listening to the crackling of the wood and letting all the tension of your day melt away. Whether your house is an old Victorian property or a modern new build, we have a wood burning stove to fit your style and requirements at Greenfield Services in Worthing.

An open fire place can lose as much as 80% of the heat produced up the chimney but a wood burning stove  / wood burners can eradicate this problem. Wood burning stoves have been in use for hundreds of years, effectively trapping heat inside its casing which then warms the room. Wood burning stoves/ woodburners  are extremely safe, a much safer option than an open fire, as the fire itself is enclosed in an iron or steel box.  They are controllable, with intakes for primary and secondary air that can be adjusted to how much heat they produce and how quickly they burn your fuel so as to make it the most energy efficient for you and your home. Most stoves have an efficiency rating of between 60% and 80%, when compared with an open fire, which has about an average rating of around 32% efficiency, and a gas fire at around 20% to 50% efficiency, so wood burning stoves are a fantastic cost effective option. Wood is a renewable energy source and carbon-neutral fuel, making it far more eco-friendly than coal which is an important factor for many buyers when considering how to heat their home.

We at Greenfield Services in Worthing are on hand to help you make the right decision for your property and lifestyle, ensuring you obtain the correct size wood burning stove to maximize the heat potential in a particular space. It is undeniable that a wood burning stove adds to the ambience and style of a room while heating it, making it a wonderful addition to any home. With different colours, styles and sizes we will help you find that perfect wood burning stove to add that extra elegance to your home so contact us today or visit our showroom. For wood burning stoves across Sussex, we believe we have the widest choice available and the best customer service.

Wood Burning Stoves Greenfield Services Worthing

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