Brighten up your home with a stunning Gas Fire from Worthing’s Gas Fire Specialists

Keeping warm when the nights draw in is a simple luxury we should all enjoy. During the winter, being able to cosy up around a fire is a real treat that brings a household together. Installing a gas fire in your home comes with plenty of options these days, to make it personal to you.

Indulge your own sense of style and pick from a huge array of designs from our Worthing Showroom that are sure to meet your expectations.

Gas leaves no residue, so there’s no mess to clean up and they’re easy to maintain. Gone are the days of mesh covered faux-coals emitting a strangely artificial glow. Nowadays a gas fire means the same warmth as you would expect from a real fire.

Gas fireplace designs to suit all styles

Installing a gas fireplace in your home comes with plenty of options. With our range of gas fires at Greenfield Services Southern Ltd, you’re sure to find a design you like.

Space is increasingly at a premium in the home, and you might be mistaken in thinking that you can’t find room for this focal point. In this case, your lounge can benefit from a slimline model, perfectly proportioned to fit your wall space. Our range includes a multitude of trims and frets so you can choose your favourite finish.

From glowing red embers and yellow and orange flames to pebbles and logs that are crafted to look real, create an authentic fire atmosphere and bring your Worthing, Sussex home to life.

Slimline gas fires

If you’re short on space, we have slimline gas fires, ideally sized to fit smaller areas. The Greenfield Services Southern Ltd range includes a multitude of trims and frets so you can choose your favourite finish. With our 20 years’ experience in the industry, our team of Gas Safe registered engineers provide experienced and quick services to get your new gas fire installed in no time.

Gas fireplace inserts

Transform your home’s existing masonry fireplace into a gas fire with the use of gas fireplace inserts. By making use of gas fireplace inserts, you can easily convert to a gas fireplace without the need for any major renovation work. Gas fireplace inserts are also a reliable heat producer and can heat any room quickly and efficiently, making it the perfect low-cost home heating solution.

View our large range of gas fires for sale at our showroom or give us a call on 01903 250400