Slow Cooked Brisket

Delicious recipe from Big Green Egg adapted by Karen Greenfield

A delicious recipe prepared on the Big Green Egg, tried and tested by us all at Greenfield Services.

• 3kg of bone in brisket (two ribs)
• 10g Maldon Salt
• 10g Black Pepper (coarsely crushed)
• Cosmic Cow BGE rub (or your favourite beef rub)
• Optional wood/smoking chips

Cooking Times:

• A 4-6 pound ‘flat’ cut will cook for roughly 8-10 hours
• A 8-14 pound whole ‘packer trimmed’ brisket will cook for roughly 14-18 hours.

1. Light the EGG ready for indirect cooking with the plate setter feet up and the stainless steel grid resting on the feet. Heat to 120C. Add pre-soaked wood chips if using.

2. Bring the brisket to room temperature. Rub in to the brisket, salt, pepper and beef rub. Ensuring every side is covered.

3. Place the drip pan below the stainless steel grid to collect the drippings. Place the brisket onto the stainless steel grid.

4. If you have a dual probe thermometer this is a great time to use it!

5. Leave the brisket to cook until the internal temperature of the brisket is 150F/66C, then reduce the EGG temperature to 225F/107C this can take a varied amount of time depending on the pound of your meat.

6. When the meat approaches 185F/85C start checking the tenderness of the meat by inserting a fork into the brisket and give a slight twist, if the meat gives easily without much resistance, the meat is done. If not, continue cooking until tender.

7. Wrap the brisket in foil and rest for at least half an hour.

8. Once rested, remove the brisket carefully and slice against the grain.

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