Experience high-definition flames with Purevision™ HD Stoves.

Charlton & Jenrick Purevision™ HD Stoves at our Worthing, West Sussex Showroom

Here at Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd, we proudly offer the Purevision™ HD range of Multi-Fuel Stoves from Charlton & Jenrick. These stoves boast advanced technology for exceptional clean-burning performance and up to 87.2% thermal efficiency. They meet strict EU DIN+ emission standards and 2022 European Ecodesign requirements, with DEFRA exemption and clearSkies Levels 4 or 5 certification.

Designed with a large glass panel, these stoves complement any interior, while the powerful airwash system keeps the glass clean. Purevision™ HD stoves provide a superior visual experience with sharply designed flames and complete combustion, thanks to advanced airwash and tertiary air-profiling technology.


The Purevision stove range comes from Charlton & Jenrick. With their state-of-the-art wood burning combustion chamber design, a Purevision stove will provide your home with fast and efficient heating solution.

Features of a Purevision stove

At the Greenfield Services Southern Ltd showroom, we offer you the complete Purevision stove collection of wood burning stoves. You can choose from models including freestanding stoves, wall mounted stoves, inset stoves and or classical and continental-style pedestal stoves. With clean design features a Purevision stove will blend seamlessly into your home no matter what the style. Features of the stove include:

  • Solid fuel or wood burning capabilities
  • Large glass windows for the best possible view of the high definition flames
  • Top and rear flue options
  • Full-sized cast iron door
  • Self-cleaning firebox liners, adjustable feet, as well as optional stands and log stores
  • Superior high-quality cast ceramic and durable graphite, grey or black finishing options
  • Powerful airwash system
  • DEFRA exemption for burning wood logs in smokeless zones

At Greenfield Services Southern Ltd we’re proud to be able to offer a variety of electric stoves too in case a wood burning model is not quite what you’re after.

See the Purevision stove collection at our showroom or call our team on 01903 250400.