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Greenfield Services – Fire of the week!

With all the gas, solid fuel and electric fires we supply and install here at Greenfield Services we all have our favourites!

3D Ecoflame Electric Fires


These NEW eye-catching electric fires are apart of Charlton & Jenrick Electric Fire Collection.  This new range has a multiple fire styles which complements any room due to changeable frets & fascia’s.

The fires contain advanced ultra-realistic flame effect with 3D Ecoflame technology which are ideal for customers who would like the look and feel of a real fire, but prefer electric.


3d ecoflame black showroom

3D Ecoflame with a black trim & coal bed effect



3D Ecoflame with a chrome trim & coal with pebble fuel bed












The 3D Ecoflame Electric Fires Feature:

  • Charlton & Jenrick’s electric fires have been intelligently designed with the customer in mind, by creating fires which are versatile to fit any room, whether traditional or contemporary.

  • 3D Ecoflame technology works by having lighting not just behind the glass but also radiating through the customers chosen fuel bed.

  • These fires give out a maximum 1.5kW of heat and .75kW when heat settings are set to low, making these fires 100% efficient. These generous heat settings can be controlled either manually or remotely.

  • This 16″ inset fire comes with a remote control which is equipped with a thermostat built in and a timer.

  • The fire has manual controls situated at high levels with simple push buttons for easy use and access.

  • Each fire have ultra-low running costs due to the LED flame effect, which costs one penny of electricity when running for six hours.

  • When choosing your Ecoflame fire, the customer is supplied with not just one type of fuel bed, they are supplied with loose realistic logs, glass beads or a coal fuel bed. The choice is yours, you could use all three if you wish!

  • Exciting realistic flame effect with 4 mood settings with a choice of a warm dark orange flame effect, a lighter orange & a blue flame. Check out our video of one of the fires in action

  • 3D Ecoflame Electric Fires are so versatile and have a low watt usage consequently they are able to be fitted anywhere there is an electric supply, hence making them suitable for customers to use in apartments, flats, remote locations, in houses without chimneys/flues and where there are no options to use gas.

    Some examples of these fires with different log beds, frets & fascia’s

    3D Ecoflame Electric Fire with Cast Arch Fascia Brass in Cotswold Arch

    3D Ecoflame Electric Fire with Cast Arch Fascia in Brass

    3D Ecoflame Electric Fire with Square Cast Fascia in Pewter













HIGH 1.5kW
  • DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 
482 x 594 x 16 mm

We have variations of these electric fires on display in our showroom! Pop in for prices and to find out more…