Fabers passion goes beyond the fire, and is even more about the warmth it creates. Enjoying atmosphere and cosiness together. The place for quality time with friends, family, each other. Faber gas fires are full of modern and innovative technology, which ensures you always enjoy the most beautiful flame effect.

Find the Faber gas fire that’s suits your style

Faber has a fire for everyone. Whether you are looking for a gas fire, an electric fire or an outdoor fire, there is a suitable fire for everyone and all our products are made to measure. If you choose a Faber, the fire is built, set and checked specifically for you. That is how you are guaranteed to have the characteristic Faber fire and safe, faultless operation.

  • MatriX series
  • Fyn Series
  • Gas Stoves

See the full range of Faber gas fires at our showroom or contact our team on 01903 250400.