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Discover our premium range of Big Green Egg, Gozney Ovens, and Kasai Grills at Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd in Worthing, West Sussex. Picture yourself hosting unforgettable gatherings, where the aroma of perfectly grilled meats, artisan pizzas, and gourmet dishes fills the air. Our showroom in Worthing offers you the chance to see these incredible outdoor cooking appliances up close and personal.

Visit our Worthing showroom to discover the full potential of outdoor cooking. Let us help you create culinary masterpieces that will impress family and friends, making every meal an extraordinary event. Embrace the joy of alfresco cooking and bring home the best with Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd.

Check Out Our Range at Greenfield Services:

The Big Green Egg provides unparalleled versatility, allowing you to grill, smoke, roast, and bake with precision and ease. The Gozney Pizza Oven transforms your backyard into an authentic pizzeria, delivering restaurant-quality pizzas in just minutes. For those who crave a unique grilling experience, the Kasai Grill offers exceptional performance, combining traditional techniques with modern innovation.



As the premier supplier of ceramic BBQs in Worthing and the surrounding areas, we at Greenfield Services are passionate about the Big Green Egg. Available in various sizes and packages to suit different budgets and needs, there’s a perfect EGG for everyone. Visit our extensive display in our Worthing showroom to explore the possibilities. Whether grilling, smoking, searing, roasting, or baking, the Big Green Egg can do it all.

As the region’s only authorized dealer of the Big Green Egg, we offer access to one of the UK’s leading brands. Crafted with NASA-grade ceramics, this kamado-style grill provides unmatched versatility and performance. It’s favoured by over 200 UK restaurants and renowned chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Rick Stein for its superior cooking capabilities.

Explore our display of EGGs, EGGcessories, and charcoal. With over 10 years of experience using and selling the Big Green Egg, our passion drives us to share its wonders. The Big Green Egg is not just a summer investment; it’s a lifetime investment, capable of revolutionizing barbecuing with its lid-down cooking method and patented airflow system for precise temperature control.

Experience the unrivalled flavours of natural charcoal grilling with the Big Green Egg. Its self-cleaning design and lifetime guarantee on ceramics make it a standout addition to any backyard. Elevate your grilling game with the Big Green Egg from Greenfield Services!


Cooking with fire is captivating, fast, and exciting. With Gozney pizza ovens, everyone can be part of the culinary experience. Family memories are built, friends become pizza chefs, and you become the creator of something new and delicious.

Gozney pizza ovens are crafted with unrivalled quality and obsessive engineering. Built to endure, every Gozney product is designed from the origins of their market-leading restaurant ovens. This ensures that you receive the highest level of performance and durability in your own backyard. Experience the exceptional quality and durability that Gozney is known for. Gozney ovens are engineered to deliver professional-grade results at home, allowing you to cook with the same precision and consistency as a top-tier restaurant.

Gozney pizza ovens offer limitless possibilities. From 60-second pizzas to stone-baked sourdough bread and tender crusted steaks, Gozney ovens amplify flavour and open up a world of culinary potential. Pizza is just the beginning. With simple setup and effortless control, Gozney makes cooking with fire easy. From unboxing to first firing in minutes, even beginners can turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes.

Visit our Greenfield Services showroom in Worthing to discover the full range of Gozney pizza ovens and learn from the best. Transform your cooking experience and elevate your outdoor dining with Gozney.

Olive Green Dome - Large


Kasai Konro charcoal grills draw inspiration from renowned Japanese design, offering a traditional heat source perfect for cooking meats, fish, and vegetables. Favored by top restaurant chefs and home cooks alike, Kasai grills are more than just charcoal grills—they are versatile tools that can handle kebabs, yakitori skewers, and even support pans with interchangeable racks.

Kasai grills are compact and versatile, suitable for both commercial kitchens and home use. Their iconic structure uses a special insulating material that reflects heat back into the grill, ensuring consistent cooking temperatures. Each grill is meticulously constructed with bricks fitted together by hand, resulting in a strong, fire-resistant product.

Kasai grills promote sustainability with their replaceable vermiculite tiles. Once the tiles reach the end of their life, they can be replaced, and the old ones can be ground and used as a soil conditioner. These tiles help loosen compacted soil, improve drainage, and retain water, making them beneficial for gardeners.

Explore the Kasai Konro charcoal grills at our Greenfield Services Showroom in Worthing and elevate your cooking experience with this exceptional blend of tradition, innovation, and sustainability.

Visit our Worthing showroom to see our extensive Outdoor Cooking display and speak with our experienced staff!

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