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Why opt for an electric fire? What are the benefits?

  • Low Maintenance:

    With just a click, enjoy the convenience of instant ambience from the comfort of your sofa. Some models even sync with your smartphone for ultimate control! Plus, there is no need for annual servicing, saving you time and money!

  • Enhanced Realism:

    Experience the evolution of electric fire technology with hyper-realistic flame effects. Many of our models rival traditional gas or wood-burning fires, catering to a wide audience accustomed to authentic flames.

  • Ease of Installation:

    Plug and play! Electric fires offer a hassle-free setup, often requiring nothing more than a standard socket. Plus, no chimney or flue is needed, allowing for a versatile placement throughout your home.

  • Immediate Heat:

    Instant warmth awaits with the swift action of the fan heater upon powering on your electric fire.

  • Cost Efficiency:

    Not only are electric fires budget-friendly to purchase, but they also boast ongoing affordability. Operating at 100% efficiency, they minimise energy wastage, reducing both carbon emissions and utility bills. LED bulbs further enhance savings, with minimal running costs, and impressive longevity.

  • Year-Round Enjoyment:

    Separate flame effects from heating functions let you relish the cosy ambience without overheating your space.

  • Safety First:

    Electric fires eliminate internal fuel combustion, mitigating risks like carbon monoxide poisoning. Their touch-safe surface make them ideal for households with children, offering peace of mind without compromising warmth or style.

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Over the years, we have selected the brands that we truly believe in.

Our leading brands include:


Discover the diverse world of electric fires with Celsi. From modern marvels to timeless classics, find your perfect match. With a style to suit every taste and a commitment to quality, Celsi redefines home heating with innovation and flair. Welcome to a world where warmth meets style effortlessly.

Charlton & Jenrick

Charlton & Jenrick electrifies the market with cutting-edge innovation and flawless warranties. Experience superior craftsmanship and lasting quality as they redefine home comfort. Join the revolution in electric fires, where reliability meets elegance, setting new standards in warmth and style.


For decades, Dimplex has illuminated homes with iconic electric fires, defining warmth and comfort. Explore a legacy of innovation and style as Dimplex continues to lead the way in home heating solutions. Discover why their timeless designs remain beloved by generations worldwide.


Indulge in opulence with Faber electric fires, where luxury meets innovation. Renowned for their cutting-edge design and premium craftsmanship, Faber electric fires offer a range of fires tailored for luxury homes. Elevate your living space with sophistication and style, as Faber redefines the art of home heating.


Experience the pinnacle of luxury with Elgin & Hall’s Pryzm electric fires. Renowned for their captivating flame effects, these fires offer a wide array of styles to fit any bidget. Elevate your space with unparalleled elegance and warmth, as Pryzm sets the standard for contemporary home heating.

Dimplex Optimyst

Immerse yourself in the mesmerising realism of Dimplex Optimyst electric fires. Revolutionising home heating, these fires utilise water to craft stunning mist-effect flames, captivating heats worldwide. Experience the magic of authentic warmth and ambience, as Dimplex Optimyst sets a standard in electric fire innovation.

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Electric fires have surged in popularity, offering a delightful warmth without the hassle of clean up. Whether for chilly winters or breezy summers, they provide luxurious comfort and cost-efficiency. Unsure which electric fire suits your home best? Trust our experienced team for expert guidance.

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