Big Green Egg at Greenfield Services, Worthing

As the premier supplier of ceramic BBQs in Worthing and the surrounding areas within West Sussex and East Sussex, we at Greenfield Services are passionate about the Big Green Egg.

Available in a variety of sizes and packages to suit differing budgets and needs, there is a perfect Egg for everybody. Each model offers endless possibilities for customisation. Visit our extensive display of Big Green Eggs, charcoal, and EGGcessories in our Worthing showroom to get inspired. Whether you want to grill, smoke, sear, roast, or even bake, the Big Green egg can do it all.

As the region’s only authorised dealer of the Big Green Egg, we provide access to one of the UK’s leading brands. For the best in outdoor cooking, rely on Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd.

📅   Date: Saturday, May 25th 2024

Why the Big Green Egg?

There’s a reason professionals choose the Big Green Egg. Crafted by artisans using NASA-inspired ceramics, this kamado-style grill offers unmatched versatility and performance. It’s vegan-friendly, perfect for all-weather cooking, and delivers culinary perfection every time. With over 50 years of innovation, the Big Green Egg is the pinnacle of ceramic grilling worldwide.

The Big Green Egg BBQ is a favourite in over 200 restaurants across the UK and is featured on shows such as MasterChef and Saturday Kitchen. Culinary legends like Heston Blumenthal, Rick Stein, and over 30 Michelin-starred chefs rely on the Big Green Egg for its superior cooking capabilities. That’s truly impressive!

Visit our Worthing showroom to explore our extensive display of EGGs, EGGcessories, and charcoal. With over 10 years of experience using and selling the Big Green Egg, we at Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd are passionate about sharing its wonders. After buying our own Big Green Egg for the Greenfield household, we fell in love and have been cooking on it ever since. This passion led us to become dedicated sellers, driven by our love for the product and the joy it brings to our customers.

Rain, snow, or sun, nothing dampens the enthusiasm of an EGGhead or the performance of the EGG. It’s not just a summer investment; it’s a lifetime investment.

The Big Green Egg revolutionizes the way you think about barbecuing. With its lid-down cooking method, heat, moisture, and flavour are preserved to perfection. The patented air flow system allows precise control over temperature and smoke, ensuring you can grill, smoke, and bake with exactness. Achieve perfect results every time with total control at your fingertips.

The original. The best. Since 1974.



The most portable oven in the Big Green Egg lineup, the MiniMax is perfect for on-the-go grilling and easily fits in the boot of your car. Ideal for a small household or a quick midweek meal, it might be the only EGG you need. Alternatively, pair it with a larger EGG: one for home and one for adventures at the beach or campsite.
The MiniMax is the unsung hero of the range. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in power. It’s versatile enough to cook whatever your heart desires and mobile enough to accompany you on any adventure.
The phenomenal MiniMax is on display in our Worthing, West Sussex, showroom. Visit us to take a look for yourself!


The most popular of the sizes, the Large Big Green Egg is ideal for family gatherings and elaborate dinners. This versatile model offers the widest selection of compatible accessories, providing endless opportunities for culinary experimentation.
The Large EGG is so much more than just a barbecue, it will transform the way you cook at home by bringing the power and flavour of fire cooking out of the restaurant and into your garden.
Visit our Worthing showroom to see examples of the Large Big Green Egg in a variety of different bases. Speak to our highly experienced staff!


Ideal for those who enjoy entertaining large groups or preparing multi-dish meals, the XL Big Green Egg offers impressive capacity without compromising on speed, fuel efficiency, or ease of use. It’s an excellent choice for both everyday dinners and special occasions.
The XL Big Green Egg provides all the same flavour and versatility as smaller models but with much greater potential. This size is the most popular for families, hosts of large gatherings, and anyone looking to create show-stopping meals.
The XL BGE is proudly on display in our Worthing showroom. Come and take a look at it, along with all of the other sizes!

You’ve done gas. Now do it properly!

Experience barbecue like never before with the Big Green Egg BBQ! Say goodbye to gas and hello to the unrivalled flavours of natural charcoal grilling. Once you’ve tasted food cooked on a Big Green Egg, you’ll never look back. Rain or shine, this powerhouse of a grill delivers perfect results every time, with minimal maintenance and maximum flavour.

Within minutes, your Egg can reach the perfect temperature to feed your hungry crowd. And with one bag of natural charcoal providing up to 80 hours of cooking, you’ll enjoy unprecedented efficiency. No more dealing with chemical-filled briquettes—just pure, delicious cooking.

Invest in quality with the Big Green Egg. Its self-cleaning design and stunning appearance make it a standout addition to any backyard. With a lifetime guarantee on ceramics, a 5-year guarantee on metal parts, and unmatched customer support, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for inferior grills. It’s time to elevate your grilling game with the Big Green Egg!

Come on into our Greenfield Services (Southern) Ltd, Worthing, showroom so that you can see the unparalleled Big Green Egg for yourself. We have an extensive display and years of first-hand experience (EGGsperience, if you will…)!

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