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Greenfield Services BBQ Season –

Swedish Eco-Torch

In true BBQ spirit, here at Greenfield Services we will be showing you all the outdoor cooking systems and accessories which will help you enjoy the sunshine in the best way possible!


Swedish Eco-Torch


These Swedish Logs are simple yet effective, ideal for camping, outdoor parties and events i.e festivals! Provided by The Green Olive Firewood Co. A company based in West Sussex at Ridge Farm which responsibly source all their fuels from woodlands with management programmes for planting and renewing. The fuels are mostly Eco-friendly and provide a range of products which are great value for money. You can see the other Eco-friend fuels we have in stock on our blog ‘Home fuels’.
The Swedish Eco-Torch are cut in such a way that they burn as an instant bonfire in a controlled manner, thus making them great for campfires as you’re able to place a pan or kettle on top to boil & cook food, or the logs are great for the garden & sitting with friends and family to heat marshmallows, or just enjoying the bonfire!

Eco-torch large


  • Use as a campfire, candle or torch
  • Instant heat and cooking all in one place
  • Portable and easy to use with no extra kindling required

How it works:lighting

  • This Swedish Torch works by simply lighting the organic firelighter which is placed in the core.
  • The lit firelighter will heat up the internal core and begin to burn throughout
  • The logs will stand alone and burn

    It is this simple!






 We have these in stock and ready to take away today!

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