Smoked Chocolate Brownies

Delicious recipe from Big Green Egg adapted by Karen Greenfield

A delicious recipe prepared on the Big Green Egg, tried and tested by us all at Greenfield Services.

• 345g caster sugar
•80g cocoa powder
• 60g plain flour
• 1tsp baking powder

• 4 beaten eggs
• 200g unsalted butter, melted
• 2 tsp vanilla extract (not essence)

• 200g dark chocolate chips
• Cherry wood/smoking chips

1. Light the EGG ready for indirect cooking with the plate setter feet up and the stainless steel grid resting on the feet. Heat to 160C. Add pre-soaked wood chips if using.

2. Put all the dry ingredients into bowl and combine.

3. Add everything else except the chocolate chips and stir together.

4. Mix in the chocolate chips.

5. Pour into a greased silicon baking tin (ours 28cm x 18cm about 4cm deep). If you’ve not got a silicon one, then line a metal one with silicon coated baking paper.

6. The centre should still feel soft but not over wobbly.

7. Take off your EGG and place on a baking rack to cool before turning out of the tin.

It is simple as that. You should be left with a smokey slightly gooey brownie.

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